Zephyrus Adlucinatio is a character created by Sorovodor


Zephyrus has blackish-blueish hair and a pair of midnight rider glasses, as well as an orinthian wing suit, on top of these he dons a haze flame-of-fate suit.


key Description Damage Cooldowns
LMB Zephyrus throws his spear, dealing medium damage and increasing his flame power stacks by 1. 100 0.25
E Creates a mist orb, which can be teleported to later. N/A Unknown
R Zephyrus consumes half his stacks to apply the power to his spear for 8 seconds. N/A Unknown
F Zephyrus consumes one stack to teleport to his oldest mist orb N/A Unknown


  • Increase Zephyrus' base flame-power and flame-cap.
  • Increase Zephyrus' movement speed (ground and air)
  • Increase Zephyrus' Spear size


Lover Solies

Not much is known about this relationship other then that Lover built his spear and wings


  • Zephyrus is a human. His spear, which is imbued with haze, was built by Lover Solies. His wings, which allow him to fly, were also built by Lover Solies.
  • Zephyrus has the same name as the Greek god of the west wind. His last name, Adlucinatio, stands for illusion in latin.
  • If you try to double jump, you will start to fly around with control, stopping when you jump.