Xan Flamma is a exclusive character made by BrizoElixus


Xan Flamma takes on the appearance of one of tyman's outfits, black sunglasses, a red sparkle suit and pants, and has brown hair with a smile.


Nice, because he's Tyman.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Xan fires from his flamethrower continually until he runs out of fuel or uses an offensive skill. 50 per "bullet" Constant
E Using up 50% or less of his fuel, he fires a large fireball in the mouse direction. 260-408

(Damage scales with fuel remaining)

~1s or 2s
R Reloads fuel. Knocks back nearby enemies 200 ~10s
F Firing downward,fire travels through the ground in an explosion. Dealing massive area damage around him. Consumes all fuel. 200 ~20s


(Joke) Flamingo

Long ago there were a family of flamingos.

They were Flamingo#1, Flamingo#2, and the baby, Flamingo#3.

Flamingo#3 was tired of living wherever flamingos live though, so he set out on a quest.

He then went to the Flamingo Store to buy a human suit to see the world, and he did.

However, one day, he acquired a flamethrower and a magic fuel-tank.

He then became Xan Flamma.

There you go, flamingo lore in your cheese face. :L


  • He was originally an exclusive, however since Drager really didn't like having more, he became a shop character who was tied to post 10 year Rufaro's price for a short time. However now he is an exclusive.
  • His E and F moves hit the enemy twice if used at close range. The second hit always deals 200 damage.
  • His flamethrowers are supposed to shoot Flame of Fate.
  • Originally, his name was Bob Flamestarter, until later changed to Xan Flamma.
  • tyman literally joked that Xan is a flamingo in disguise which probably spawned the joke of Xan Flamingo.
  • His red suit does not glitter or sparkle in-game.
  • His decamenu was meant to be given to superrumble4. But Drager980 seems to not bother.