Wooden Window is an upcoming character who is currently being made by drager980. He is based off of six people. These people are AlexiosZ, Darkkyraki, SirVenon, phillycheese9, HataNo_Kokoro and JamarMario.




He is a blunt cuck that can be perverted(Hata), an obnoxious fuck (JamarMario), an angered cuck by some stupid shit(Alex), a really nice cuck (Dark), be a quiet hi:b::b:o (Philly), or an alcoholic (Venon).


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Q Wooden Window appears the user’s back, intended to be like a stand from Jojo. N/A N/A
LMB Wooden Window throws himself foward for medium damage. 69 0.69 seconds
E Wooden Window goes in front, pulling in enemies for fast, low DoT. (Lasts 10 seconds total 6.9 per second 6.9 seconds after usage
R Wooden Window gets angery and summons a toy box that looks like a printer to show a parry. If the enemy hits that parry, they take in a -6 speed debuff for 2 seconds and medium damage. 690 6.9 seconds after usage.
F Wooden Window becomes an entire house (with an ice floor, sand couch, concrete table, and the wooden window as of course, the damn window, and the house having it’s walls being a white wall and gray roof, with the user sitting on the couch.), becoming immobile for ten seconds, tripling its own HP, and increasing its attack by tenfold. N/A 69 seconds, no kidding.


1: increases damage by 6.9

2: decreases cooldown by 6.9 seconds

3: increases hp by 6.9 seconds

(Bad grammar is intended, now don't edit that, nor this.)

50/50/50: You’re now a god. You did it, you actually wasted your time into turning into a god. Now you’re an actual abomination of having absurd knockback and gaining the ability to use T, which only says “IS THAT A JOJO REFERENCE?!”


  • Wooden Window's element is considered Non-Elemental, but it's actually just wood.
  • He is the god of all joke characters. No other God can beat him aside from Robo Boy, even then, Wooden Window is still superior to all.
  • He's a mistake.
  • It's rumored that he is either one of two people: Wilson W. Wuud or David Joshy Wood. (The father of Wilson)
  • The Venon part of Wooden Window is a reference to the CHARACTER, not the person himself.
  • He hates cyborg thots (ARINAS SHITTY CHARACTERS) except Robo Boy, those two are nibbas.

List of people getting Wooden Window for free

  • AlexiosZ
  • darkkyraki
  • phillycheese9
  • SirVenon
  • HataNo_Kokoro
  • JamarMario
  • hinxd829t
  • IchirouYoshida
  • Avaxus
  • RukatuKDH
  • ultimatesilver
  • TheGentle_Maniac
  • Falltz
  • methunder
  • Etaleo_Calldium
  • iiDiablu
  • SoBored12345
  • chillyxerochill
  • LightlessDestruction
  • Strobby
  • Tsurinata
  • RainbyAnon

People who can be considered to get Wooden Window

  • griffith
  • qu

People who will never get Wooden Window (With reason)

  • ARiNA_AZUMA (Greedy cunt who begs for characters)
Boss HP (Fixed): 69,000

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