Valerie Fyuze is a playable character based of the user fyzu.


Valerie has a green plaid jacket covering a black shirt and shirts, she has cyan-ish and greenish hair occupied with a bow tie and a pair of glasses.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB ??? "Valerie attacks with her primary weapon. Landing shots root enemies cannot jump and when re-hit explode on themselves." ??? ???
E ??? "Valerie switches between her scythe and ninja stars. Scythe is stronger at higher health, while stars are stronger at lower health." ??? ???
R ??? "Valerie dashes direction until she hits a wall." ??? ???
F ??? "Valerie cuts one quarter of her health to form a shield equal to the amount lost for 10 seconds. Alongside boosting her speed drastically." ??? ???




  • Increase Valerie's base speed
  • Increase Valerie's base damage
  • Decrease Valerie's health influence on her moves


  • Valerie already appeared in Devil Brawler before her release. Drager removed it afterwards and reworked her entirely.
  • Her original name, as well as her name in the game's files, is Valerie Fyzu.
    • Of course, her original name was a nod to her username, fyzu.