If Ultoris ever became a boss, these are things I'd his fight to have. -2 phases-Unlike Xenon who has 3. 2nd boss to have multiple phases. -1st phase Boss theme is Lightning battle from Kid Icarus: Uprising. -2nd phase theme is Solaris' 2nd theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. Boss details: Before his first phase he greets the players the special 1 liner, "Nothin' personal kiddo, just doing my job." He proceeds to attack the closest player, chasing them down. If they run too far, he will teleport to them, Instakilling the player. Occasionally he will stop in place to fire out doomskulls in all directions around him, similar to HTTP Spica. Defeating his first phase will cause him to start a dialogue. He will exclaim, "Nani?! No matter, excuse me while I unleash my true power." He will spawn with a growing purple aura, anyone inside will take 5 damage per second. He will take 8 seconds to charge, then he will appear out of the aura with a second katana, saying, "Let us dance." He charges toward the nearest player again. He will occasionally teleport, instead of teleporting to a player who runs too far, he teleports to 3 players, 1 at a time, heavily damaging instead of instakilling. His doom skull is larger but fires 1 at a time, it will do about 80 damage and it has homing, it disappears after 5 seconds, so players can avoid it. If his health drops below 30% he replaces his homing doomskull with a scattered cluster of stratus rays falling from the sky. They can instakill, but they will be avoidable and the targeted area will be marked by a circle on the ground. When he is fully defeated, Nick's company (I guess) tell Ultoris about how the cartel is manipulating him, then he agrees to join them. So yeah.

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