The Trumpet Blaster 3000 is a machine made by Robot Joe for Act XXVII. that players must survive for approximately 3 minutes. Despite the name, it actually has no resemblance of a trumpet. Instead, it fires lasers which temporarily disappear to offset the player, and if you are staying still or outside of the area, red cubes will spawn and fall onto you, and on rare chances, there will be cubes floating around and will rapidly come at you if you are flying in the air.

Some characters, like Cielo, are able to skip this fight entirely by getting themselves directly on top of the Trumpet Blaster. The only danger then is the rare chance that a red cube might appear there, but the main threat is the lasers.

For the most part the act is a push over, unless the cubes that murder people in air are in place.

Additionally, a 50/50/50 Zac Ramsay is easily able to pass this without dying.

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