In the Devil Beater universe, time and timelines are an important part of the lore. In the universe, there are multiple timelines that follow the same path, with Ineur, Akuma, and Drakon wandering the space between them in the continuum. This is what allows them all to get around the timelines.

However, numerous anomalies have been detected in the timelines, with skips, disruptions, and even retcons (in the case of the alternate Rhine fight) taking place. Ineur's plan is to abuse this corruption to defeat Akuma, bringing Drakon along to assist him.

According to Kidd, his team, the Alliance, and everyone else in the world have the power to escape the definitions of their timeline and disrupt it. That in turn is granted by what is implied to be Drakon's will, triggering the skip in Act 1 by doing what Ineur from the future wanted.

List of known disruptions

List of known time disruptions
Act Description
1 Drakon makes contact with Ineur, who tells him everything about the ongoing corruption in the continuum. He then disappears with Ineur. This may be reflected by the fact that he is completely absent in recent acts, suggesting that he is outright erased from the timeline, willingly only spectating it with Ineur.
17 (Alternative) A massive anomaly overwrites Rhine's alternate fight, removing its relevance to the plot, and sealing all evidence of it happening, Rhinechi aside. But this also forces the team to fight Rhinechi twice, since no one remembers it happening, and all the damage was instantly undone to erase all evidence.
28 Instead of fighting the Alliance, Sig leaves through the exit. Kidd notes the timelines have split and that this is a serious disruption and, fearing a reset, sends in not only Sig to help the teams, but also Dong's master, Derek. Kidd also hints at another disruption, referring to the very beginning of the game (Act 1.) He also notes of Drakon's disappearance in Act 1, claiming that two spectators appeared and disappeared, likely Drakon and Ineur. This anomaly has severe repurcussions if triggered, as it prevents Maurice from buying cheese. This causes him to go insane and go on a murderous rampage (which may or may not be genocide) before reaching the Alliance's base.
29 When something causes Team Dimensiona to take longer then normal to beat the Dane Gang, it allows for their other 2 members Ivan & Avaxus who were running 15 minutes late to still arrive in time to fight the Main 7.

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