The SENTiNEL is a tournament and sky island character created by ARiA_1089.


The SENTiNEL's skin and hair are glowing yellow and has an arm cannon as an arm.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Left Click Proton Blast Fires a slow, rotating shot. Dealing high damage on impact. 300 0.7 Seconds
E Isotopic Empowerment Increases the DPS of all allies by 15% for 10 seconds. x2 Buff 30 Seconds
R C-Barrier Creates a black barrier around The SENTiNEL, knocking back enemies and healing allies inside. 5 15 Seconds
F Isotopic Eruption Releasing massive amounts of energy from the body, The SENTiNEL does massive damage over 3 seconds. 1200

(200 per burst)

25 Seconds


-Increase SENTiNEL's base damage.

-Increase SENTiNEL's base damage even more.

-Increase SENTiNEL's ally healing.


  • The SENTiNEL of xeiron, so she knows all employees.
  • Best Friends with Senbron Zakura.


  • Her body is a solid form of isotope flames of fate, like that seen in act 49.
  • Her white Harness provides her the function to move her Isotopic body.
  • She is roughly 1089 years old.
  • SENTiNEL was not created of human origin.
  • Her damage is higher than Chris Crox
  • She is obtainable from tourneys
  • Her first name was The CEO but it got changed later to SENTiNEL.
  • Her in-game name still says CEO.