Techeun is a purchaseable character in Devil Beater. He is based off the user RavagerOfShadows .


Techeun has caucasian skin, short neon-green hair and the "Sinister " face. He dons a black business suit with a white Aether undershirt and a matching black fedora. His weapons of choice are twin balisongs.


Key Function Damage
LMB Swings his knives or fires a Venom Blade. ~150/200
E Spins his knives releasing a cross-slash, or fires an Ouroboros snake. ~250/350
R Kick someone into the air, teleport around them before crashing them into the ground, or kicking them, shouting JAYAKOU HOUTENJIN! 300
F Swing around your ban hammer before crashing it into the ground, banning all opponents. (not literally but npcs get intensely erased). 420/800
Increase HP.
Increase overall damage.
Increase ban hammer damage.


  • Techeun bears heavy resemblance to the character "Hazama " from the BlazBlue fighting game series, both appearance- and moveset-wise.
  • some random dude did research on this character and actually updated it for no reason but honestly its why not.
  • Techeun's actual element is unknown due to having a mix of Aether and Narukami attacks.