Sly Villon is an intern. The creator is TheSlySilverFox.


Sly Villon wears overseer armor and rides an overseer horse.


Sly Villon when chosen riding an Overseer Horse.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB "Fires a fireblast that drags enemies towards you for high damage." Unknown Unknown
E "Leaves a trail of flames before you, stealing life from enemies and dealing medium damage." Unknown Unknown
R "Charge up an energy ball above you to shoot at an opponent for high damage." Unknown Unknown
F "Recover to full health and rain fire from above dealing damage based on amount of health instead." Unknown Unknown


-Increase Sly's 'Fateful Trail' (E)'s duration.

-Increase Sly's maximum health.

-Increase Sly's 'Ghoul Fira' (Left-click)'s size.


Like Nieve, Sly adds a lot of "s" to the words with starts or ends with the letter S. (WIP)




  • Sly's name is a pun to "Sly Villain"
  • Many fans claim that Sly is male, even though Sly is actually female
  • Sly is the first character to mount a horse. The other character(s) including Plague.

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