Sky Island is a special act that replaces the original Senor Banana reward when beating the latest act. It was implemented on 04/27/2017. The act can only be set by people with Admin+ or Drager himself, when the act is overflowing or underflowing the current amount of acts.

What it's About

Sky Island is a paradise within the sky (that highly represents Heaven) owned by Rinzaru where you fight a random "Champion" of Rinzaru. The "Champion" that is fought depends on how many acts a server has completed. Upon beating the champion, (or in some cases, they forfeit) the players within the server are granted the champion as a playable character.

The Known Champions

Ichirou Lisuke Karthus Chi No Senshi Relee Ray
Ichirou Yoshida Lisuke Higashikata Karthus Gehrman Chi No Senshi Relee Ray
Cartoonist Legobot Rinzaru Edgy Rifo SirVenonm
Cartoonist DJ Kewetres Frezon Rinzaru Shadow Rifo 10 Year Sir Venon
The meme man himself CEO Grumpo Hithere
Memer Dreamer The SENTiNEL El Grumpo Lumpo 10 Year Maurice Altara

Others are yet to be added that have been confirmed with drager.

2 of these characters require a special activation within a server to be obtainable, those are:

  • El Grumpo Lumpo
  • Shadow Rifo

The Forfieters are:

  • Rinzaru
  • Relee Ray


  • 1 Life only
  • 2 Lives only
  • 3 Lives only
  • 4 Lives only
  • 5 Lives only
  • -2 Lives
  • -3 Lives
  • 25% Damage Reduction
  • 28% Damage Reduction
  • 34% Damage Reduction
  • 36% Damage Reduction
  • 39% Damage Reduction
  • 40% Damage Reduction
  • 45% Damage Reduction
  • 50% Damage Reduction
  • 58% Damage Reduction


Should an admin set the act to -2, the Sky Island act will play out but it will be in the Robot KING room.

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