Skeleton Man is a character in Devil Beater and Brawler.


Skeleton man has very palish skin, along with robes and a skull over his head.


Button for Bones

Bone Name



Cooldown on Bones

LMB ??? S[wings his fist forwards. Dealing high damage. BONUS: Skeleton man can dash with [LSHIFT] which shields him slightly. 150 ???
E ??? Burst of energy surge thrust Skeleton Man in the direction hes facing. None ???
R ??? Creates a mini-black hole ontop of Skeleton Man, attracts the closest enemy towards it. Can use 'BURST' (E) to teleport to the black hole. 150 ???
F ??? Skeleton Man reduces some of his cooldown to 0, Inbuing his fists with double damage, he goes on a power frenzy. None ???


Skeleton Man is very obsessed with bones, thus making plenty of puns on top of being mildly serious, however upon having "something that shouldn't be broken" his personality immediately shifts to that of a child.


  • DECREASE HP. But increase damage and lifesteal.
  • Increase movement speed very slightly.
  • Increase lifesteal and armor.


  • He's bonely.