Shadow Rifo is a character on Sky Island.


Shadow Rifo is effectively Rifo except everything aside from his Narukami Suit is black, his face is also replaced with white glowing eyes, and with a black shotgun instead of his hyperlaser.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Unknown Fire laser bullets from your shadow shotgun. 100 Unknown
E Unknown Fire a laser from your shotgun 200 Unknown
R Unknown Summon a giant ring that knocks back foes. 100 Unknown
F Unknown Spin around, firing tons of lasers from your shotgun. Cannot attack during this. 100 Unknown


    1. $%#$%
  • $&%*#$%
  •  :3


  • Even through Shadow Rifo fires multiples shots, only 2 of these shots will deal damage, this is a feature from drager to avoid being too Overpowered.