Seto Mano is a playable character in Devil Beater.


In-game, Seto has no hair, a face similar to Saitama, and a white, long cape flowing from his back, similar to Estrada Page's cape. He wears an Aether suit.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Punches infront of him. Not to powerful- but can become stronger through training 50 base (+10 per E) 0.5 seconds(?)
E Exercises for 1 second to permanently increase attack and health. 0

+5 HP

1 second
R Boost: Seto blasts himself in the mouse direction. Very short cooldown. 0 2 seconds
F Seto fires a series of consecutive punches.  Dealing 9 9 9 9 damage. 90 base 15 seconds(?)



-Increase Seto's movement speed slightly

-Reduce Seto's 'Boost' (R) cooldown

-Increase Seto's 'Boost' (R) range