Senbron Zakura is an exclusive character made by Arina_Azuma, who was also responsible for creating both Arina Azuma and HTTP SPiCa.

To obtain her, DO NOT ASK, people that can activate the secret act are drager980, UncreativeName123, and of course, Arina_Azuma.


Her appearance ressembles that of a military personnel and has a similar appearance to one of the characters from a Hatsune Miku song.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Fires a laser beam from Senbron's railgun dealing medium damage and knockback. 100 (Per Second) 3 seconds
E Orion's Cry Summons two drones towards Senbron, to start healing other players. Also creates an explosion around all drones dealing minor damage. 200 (per drone) 3 seconds
R H-Barrier Creates a barrier around Senbron healing allies hit and stealing life from enemies. 100 per touch) 15 seconds
F Overcharge Senbron releases an energy packet temporarily increasing the size of her attacks by 5. 100 20 seconds


-Increase Zakura's health drastically.

-Increases Zakura's max drone cap.

-Increases Zakura's "Orion's Cry" (E) Blast range.


  • The railgun was made by the Arina_Azuma who bought her into the game.
  • Asking to get given this character normally ends up with you being blacklisted from receiving this character from Arina_Azuma and Uncreativename123.
  • She is obtainable from tourneys
  • She was the first exclusive to be obtainable from an activated act.
  • Zakuras drone design is based off of the Sentinel Design from a game called Darkorbit.
  • Senbron's name and outfit was based off Hatsune Miku's song 'Senbonzakura', meaning 1,000 Cherry Trees.
  • If the special act is activated all players on ARiNA's blacklist are auto-kicked and cannot rejoin until the act is over.