Sebastian Strong is a playable character, created by b0n3st3r and scripted by Darkkyraki.


Sebastian has blonde hair and dons an helios suit.


key decription Damage Cooldowns
LMB Sebastian fires a rocket launcher which explodes on impact. 500 direct

100 aoe

0.5 seconds
E Sebastian throws a grenade, causing an exsplosion after a short amount of time. 500 direct (?)

100 aoe

10 seconds
R Sebastian fires 3 smaller rockets that travel faster. 500 direct

100 aoe

0.1 seconds
F Sebastian fires his FoF out of his rocket boots, allowing him to soar to the high heights and deal damage from above N/A 4 seconds




  • Increase HP.
  • Increase Damage.
  • Increase speed of rockets.


  • His upgrades don't really seem to work yet. :(
  • He can rip your eardrums.
  • Sebastian did 9/11

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