Samson Iscariot is a character made by The_Gentlemaniac. He is currently in shop. (check him out!)


Samson wears the Helios suit. He also wears a DIY Dominus Empyreus with Viking Plundercap. He also wears a Bad Luck Charm necklace.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Straight Shooter.

Samson will shoot a rope straight out of his hand forward. You can use this 3 times in a row before having to recharge.


E X Marks the Spot. Samson leaves a mark on the ground. When an enemy steps on the mark the enemy gets caught by 8 ropes for 7 seconds. 300
R Come here sweetheart. Samson shoots a rope where if it hits a wall he grapples towards it. If he hits an enemy he will instead grapple towards it and then kick the enemy away. 500
F To the gallows. Samson throws a rope in front of him. If the rope hits an enemy, they will be tied to the rope which drains HP over time. The farther you are from an enemy, the more damage he does. If you press F again, you tie the rope to a brick and throw it in the air. The brick stays in air for 5 seconds and stops the opponent. Also deals high damage on the second F press. Maximum drain time is 20 seconds 20(base drain)

800 (second F press)

X I want to die Samson trips and dies sets your health to 0


Increase Samson's health.
Increase Samson's damage
Increase the amount of ropes you fire with your LMB


Samson is well, a maniac. He is seen as a bit unstable. So unstable that the sound of his voice keeps changing making him have no set voice. Though unstable Samson is still a gentleman at times switching between those 2. His signs of his slight insanity make him very hard to be near. He is also very blunt and gets mad at people if they don't get what he is saying. he is also somewhat suicidal and eats other people. Though he does breaks out of character to snap at Cartoonist DJ.

(this isnt official)


  • Samson has gone through many redesigns. This is the final one that the creator settled on.
  • Samson was bought in by SirVenon, rather than the creator himself.
  • Samson used to be named, "Samson Hamon". The reason for this was because his earlier versions used to have Hamon, an ability from the popular manga/anime, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • Samson was suppose to be a bit suicidal.
  • When Samson was going to be reworked from Hamon to something else he was going to use something called "golden energy".
  • When Samson was out you could not get him due to bugs and balancing.
  • This character is not made by some nerd of the name Samson_Iscariot but instead was made by The_Gentlemaniac and SirVenon.
  • Samson is the first character to have a moveset fully based of off ropes. (Diet Brando doesn't count because he's technically using balloons)
  • Samson is also the first character to have a death animation.
  • Samson's death animation and taunts are direct references to Killer7.
  • Samson is suppose to join the dane gang and leave but this isnt comfirmed by drager yet.
  • Though Samson's first and last name is based off of biblical characters the creator is not Christian.
  • Samson's last name is actually the last name of Judas from the Bible.