Sacareno is a user-exclusive character. Sacareno is based off the user ARiNA_AZUMA and Xeiron_Warehouse and scripted by darkkyraki


Sacareno bears a similar appearance to the Isotopic cyborg Arina Azuma except for the bright red hair and a seperate piece of armor. At 50/50/50, Sacareno will change hair color to a dark blueish-black, and obtain gold shoulder plates and golden wings.


Button Description Damage Cooldown
Q Useless Bubble 0 4 seconds
LMB Fires hexagonal projectiles at incredible speed for low damage. 100 0.09 seconds
E Emits bursts if hexagons dealing light damage to anything in her radius. 50 (4 times)20 lfiesteal 2 seconds seconds
R Sacareno increases the speed of all allies by 5 for 8 seconds. And gains health for each ally affected. 0 10 seconds
F Fires a large flaming hexagon dealing heavy damage, at the cost of 15 HP. 200 15 seconds


-Increase Base HP

-Increase Base Fire rate

-Increase Base Damage


She is a side experimental robot created by Senbron Zakura.


  • At 50/50/50 Sacareno is granted an golden glowing wing suit and a black and orange shoulder pad.
  • She has a very diffferent arm cannon compared to her counterparts Arina Azuma and Senbron Zakura.
  • She is obtainable from tourneys.
  • Unlike many other characters Sacareno appears to be *corrupted* in some format as well as her strengths and weakness being like no other.
  • It is noted that Sacareno's hair is randomized between the 2 colours black and red.
  • as of currently all arina chars always have a none caps i (i.e SENT(i)NEL). Arina herself stated its a reference to something but we can't know. (anyone that knows it add it if you want)