Robert Horst is a character made by ARiA_1089, and scripted by darkkyraki.


Robert Horst bears a space helmet with black antlers sticking out of the sides, a long black and blue sword, and wears black armor with certain parts being a neon blue. At 50/50/50, the armor and his sword becomes neon orange/yellow.


Attacks Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Fission Swipe Swings his Kezeq blade, dealing large amounts of damage. 250, 2 lifesteal if close 1s
E Fission Driver Plants his blade into the ground making a shockwave dealing damage, and stunning those around him 500 10s
R Particle Blast Using his right arm, he aims his blade, allowing it to fire a large laser lasting a few seconds. 125 6s
F Fission Cloner He pulls out a second sword allowing him to deal more damage as well as motivating allies around him, increasing damage dealt by 15%. N/A ~30s


-Decrease Robert's 'Particle Blast' cooldown.

-Decrease Robert's LMB attack cooldown.

-Increase Base damage for Robert's attacks.




  • The name Robert Horst is actually from a book named Orphaned Worlds.
  • The blade is called the Kezeq Blade, which is also from the same book
  • as of currently all arina chars always have a none caps i (i.e SENT(i)NEL). Arina herself stated its a reference to something but we can't know. (anyone that knows it add it if you want)