Rinzaru is a character, both present in Devil Brawler and Devil Beater. Rinzaru's creator is UncreativeName123.


Rinzaru has the appearance of a late adolescent. He is bald whilst having monkey like creatures covering his eyes, mouth, and ears. He dons a dark purple suit representing his Haze element.


Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Teleports a very small distance releasing a purple blast that slightly knocking back enemies. Unknown Unknown
E None Creates a Sound Pillar. When allies go through it, they gain health and are dashed in their torso direction. Unknown Unknown
R None Spawns a 'Wise Monkey' turret that attacks enemies like normal turrets but it's bullets heal passing allies. Unknown Unknown
F None Rinzaru meditates, cutting his maximum health in half to lower his cooldowns for 15 seconds. Unknown Unknown


Rinzaru appears to be calm,and a pacifist. This is shown when he chooses not to fight the user on Sky Island,and instead forfeits, allowing a free character. His taste of music is generally old.


Rinzaru is the owner of the Sky Island.

Rinzaru has many champions. Them being:


  • Rinzaru also has a usable C, which while it is not an actual move, it alternates between CFrame and Position teleportation of Rinzaru's LMB.
  • When Kewetres is defeated, Rinzaru will say the player(s) work out at the library.