Rifo Quest is a small spinoff point-and-click series created by HasTheHero. It was programmed in Scratch.  It features Rifo as the main character.

It includes four segments of the game, with Rifo Quest 3.3 being the final release of the original miniseries.

Back in 18/5/2017, the original series was planned to have a remake (Rifo Quest HD), but stopped during the 2nd part.

However on 20/10/2017, the series started being re-remade under the name 'Rifo Quest : Refilled'.

List of Battles

Rifo Quest

Rifo Quest 2: Nightmare

  • Unknown black entity
  • TV

Rifo Quest 3: Snow

Rifo Quest 3.3

  • Mecha-SoBored12345
  • Monster TV
  • Tree

Rifo Quest 1 HD

Rifo Quest 2 HD

  • Eye TV

Rifo Quest Refilled 1.0

Rifo Quest Refilled 2.0 : Nightmare

  • Monster TV

Rifo Quest Refilled 3.0 : Snow

  • Portal Guardian

Links (Official Games)

Links (Canon Fan Games)

*Rifo Quest 1 - 3.3, Rifo Quest HD 1 and 2, Rifo Quest 4



  • In Rifo Quest Refilled, Shadow Rifo appears as a character.


Rifo Quest/Story