Rifo is an intern who is based off of HasTheHero.


Rifo is a yellow cat and he holds a Hyperlaser. He also wears a green hat and wears a green suit.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB "Hold to fire a rapid stream of laser bullets. Dealing little damage." 25 (Green)

N/A (Yellow)

(Green) Around 0.16s

(Yellow) 1s

E "Alternate all of Rifo's bullets from either Damaging (Green) or Healing (Yellow)." N/A 1 Second
R "Charge up then fire a massive laser built for medium damage." 15 (Green)

N/A (Yellow)

7 Seconds
F "After charging, turn all of Rifo's laser bullets into cat for 7 seconds, allowing for Rifo to attack at twice the speed but more spontaneous in direction." 25 43 Seconds


-Increase Rifo's fire-rate.

-Increase Rifo's movement speed.

-Increase Rifo's bullet size.


Rifo seems to have a fear for talking in large groups because he's shy and ends his sentences with the :3 emoji when he does talk.




  • His last name is rumored to be Mechattus, confirmed by HasTheHero himself.
  • He was also featured as a main character for a spinoff, Rifo Quest.