— Rhine, after defeated by Ducasse and Django.

Rhine-XLV, also known as Rhinechi or simply Rhine, is a secret character, and is based off of player rhine45. HE is literally the strongest character both lore and game play wise. He is an intern for the Trumpet Gang and is extremely childish and intolerable; he possesses less power than the average member, but still poses a significant threat to the player.

Rhinechi's statistics are identical to that of Inechi Lovecraft's, save for the die he rolls that goes up to 10; the die also determines the size of his attacks instead of the damage. His strengths and weaknesses, when read in the game's shop description, say "the exact same as inechi [sic]". The displayed statistics are meant to be a joke.


During Rhine's secret version of his fight, a massive anomaly in the space-time continuum begins to overwrite the battle with Rhine's actual fight, and sends the Alliance into Act 17 of the main timeline. After Rhine is defeated in this case, he robotically cracks, "I... AM... INEUR..." Ineur is the somewhat cruel creator of the Alliance (who initially created it by forcing the original 14 to fake their deaths at sea and is actually a mafia firm), and father of Cielo de la Asad.


Rhinechi is a child. He carries the default Roblox smile and wears the original default baseball cap. He wears blue jeans, a white shirt, and a black vest with the letters "NEFF" embroidered on the back.



The text of Rhinechi's moves spell "it is a PUN!!!"

Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB None "it. [sic]" 0 1.5 Seconds
E None "is. [sic]" Unknown 37 Seconds
R None "a. [sic]" Unknown 8 Seconds
F None "PUN!!!! [sic]" Unknown 38 Seconds


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Roll die from 5-10[Note 1]. Number rolled determines the size of the next attack, including any attacks of sentries that the player activates. None 1.5 Seconds
E Throw a banana peel. Peel will travel around the map in one circular direction clockwise, while firing yellow orbs toward enemies. Unknown 37 Seconds
R Summon a Shiba Inu that fires yellow orbs toward enemies. Player can summon up to five Shiba Inus at a time. Unknown 8 Seconds
F Summon an oversized Doge head[Note 2] that frequently forces tentacles through the ground of the map. Unknown 38 Seconds


-Increase rhinechi's maximum health.

-Increase rhinechi's movement speed.

-Increase the damage of all rhinechi's doge attacks


As an intern of the Trumpet Gang, Rhinechi is, as detailed previously, extremely childish, immature, and unprofessional. His lack of sanity was enough to overload and kill a parasite that was feeding off of Team Varia member Django Haplorhini's intellect.


  1. The maximum number on the die was once 50. This was likely changed in order to nerf the resulting attacks that could cover half the map.
  2. The head does not inflict damage on enemies and serves only a cosmetic purpose.


  • In a secret time anomaly, Rhine-XLV, who seems to be possessed, sprouts non-sense at Ducasse Jonquil and Django Haplorhin. After the fight, However, Rhine-XLV claims to be Ineur, who then uses an unknown move to erase the timeline that has happened back to the original timeline.