Relee Ray is a bonus character. She is scripted by Darkkyraki.

This character is a fucking stove if you get it in sky you probably gonna kill your self


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
RMB ??? Goes into first person, and enables the use of LMB, and Z. None ???
LMB ??? Fires the AMT Hardballer ??? ???
E ??? Spawns a projectile on the ground that heals waves. None ???
R ??? Reloads. Reload is slower when aiming. None ???
F ??? Become a ghost, and have your FoF damage enemies. ??? ???
Z ??? Zoom in to snipe enemies, or zoom back out. (Requires RMB to be held down.)



She's one of Rinzaru's champions.


  • Relee Ray was intended to be the child between Rufu Ray and Valerie Fyuze during post Empire Arc before it was scrapped.