You're tuwning nowmal hoomans into soupuh-sowdiers. Those gowden-yewwow unduhshuwts wouldn't exist unless you cownuh'd the mawket in your pedestwian-gwade fwames.
— -Pinhead Keido, explaining how Isotope works

Pinhead Keido is a secret character in Devil Beater. He was scripted by darkkyraki and created by DeadDang.


Pinhead Keido, like his partner Denka, dons a uniform implied to be worn by members of Akuma's faction comprised of a black undershirt, grey tie, and grey trousers with no indication of the wearer's element. Pinhead's skin is a bright yellow color, his namesake misshapen head resembles that of a diamond, and his face is similar to the signature Keido kissy-face albeit angrier. His weapon of choice is a snubnosed revolver.


Key Function Damage
LMB "Shoot a bubbling bullet that can not only heal, but give MaxHP if health is full." N/A, heals flat 100
E "Spawn a medkit that only others can pick up if their HP is less than max." N/A, heals 35% of max health on pickup.
R Spawn a Forcefield kit that can give people temporary invincibility. N/A, 5-second forcefield on pickup
F Blow up your kits, dealing damage on both types and removing forcefields on FFkits. 200, detonated Forcefield kits can destroy enemy forcefields.


Pinhead has, as Nick Nebula described it, an "abrasive" personality and tends to act threatening when completing a job for Akuma. He is often rude and cracked multiple death threats towards Nick Nebula during the job him and Denka were sent to perform. Pinhead also has an overt speech impediment, pronouncing his "R"s like "W"s among various other letters and completely butchering other words ("Jesus" into "Cheezus", "Undershirts" into "Unduhshuwts", etc.).



Akuma is Pinhead's boss/employer, having sent him and Denka to assassinate Nick Nebula in an alternate timeline. Pinhead seemed to be very loyal to Akuma, stating that "When he wants somewun dead, the job gets dun. No kwestion.".

Denka Keido

Denka Keido was another assassin accompanying Pinhead during the job on Nick Nebula. It is assumed that Denka and Pinhead are on good terms with each other as they are working together. During the battle, Pinhead repeatedly heals Denka using his handgun in order to help Denka withstand Nick's debilitating attacks.

Nick Nebula

Nick Nebula is the target of the assassination Denka and Pinhead were sent to perform and, as such, seems hostile and questioning towards the Keido duo. Nick calls them both "fools" and "mad" for attempting to pick a fight with him, yet acknowledges the duo's strength by remarking that they're "Not the easiest pair of jobbers I've had to dispatch in my time.". After the battle is over, Pinhead is killed by Nick first which implies that he didn't hold up nearly as well as Denka did during combat.


  • According to DeadDang, Pinhead is a medical school graduate and a certified emergency medical technician (EMT).[1]
  • Pinhead Keido makes an "ouch" noise whenever he fires his revolver. If one looks closely at the placement of his left hand, he rests his hand next to the gap in-between the front of the revolver's cylinder and the back of the revolver's barrel. When the gun is fired, pressure escapes from that gap which can be very dangerous if one's hand is placed next to it. Do not try this at home, unless you want to lose your fingers.
  • Theres a glitch that makes 2 pinheads appear in your shop.