Pimiento Frejoles is a character based off BeastlyMas89 and scripted by Darkkyraki.


Pimiento wears a narukami suit with orange arms, his head is green and some sort of carrot for a nose with a green helmet


key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Fires vegetables from his cannons. Cannot be used with E or R. 4 TOO LOW TO COUNT HAHA
E Fires carrots out of his arms that explode. Cannot be used with LMB or R 310 and 62 TOO LOW TO COUNT
R Summons a random vegetable to heal him for 25% of his HP, and temporarily boost his speed by 10% Its le Buffo TOO LOW TO COUNT LOL
F Summons a stand to fight for him 300 Per Hit (?) Math.Huge


  • Mr. Wise

Mr. Wise is a OC made by BeastlyMas89 and is part of a fan-arc made by JamarMario. The Fan-arc that has been created is for the group The N-Force.


  • Decrease Pimiento's Heat buildup
  • Increase Pimiento's Damage
  • Increase Pimiento's Stand's Duration


  • When first released, Pimiento Frejoles was broken due to a bug
  • Pimiento, when first released, could solo all bosses by using only his E move, which could do 1500 damage per carrot. This was later nerfed to 62 damage per carrot.
  • When his overheat upgrade is 50'd, Pimiento no longer has an overheat.