Peika Sammai is a Devil Beater Character, created by darkkyraki and DeadDang. She is based off the user pekochuu.


She is a female adolescent who is a strange little girl. She has black hair that is tied up into a ponytail and she possesses a crown full of branches. She also has a pair of glasses, not because she’s smart.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Unknown Fires a small red orb, dealing medium damage to the enemy Unknown Unknown
E Unknown Sends out her red ghost, then dashes to the enemy for high damage Unknown Unknown
R Unknown Releases a forcefield around her to heal for a few seconds Unknown Unknown
F Unknown Summons two flying ghosts at the same time. Unknown Unknown


  • Increase damage
  • Decrease all cooldowns
  • Increase damage even more






  • Her name is a pun made from a creator that created this character, PekoSama. However, since she changed her username, it is now pekochuu.
  • There’s a reason why she’s a Storm user, which the creator refused to admit.
  • At 50, her shield duration overlaps with the cooldown, allowing for the user to be nearly invincible due to the fact that the shield also blocks nearly all forms of damage. (Exceptions are attacks like Cielo/Subway Ineur's undodgeable attack, Keith's teleporting, as well as a majority of melee bosses such as Gladia or Dane.)
  • There was a script error about her and she lagging server, beacuse her ghosts have INF range but drager reduced her range.

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