Ninja Brando is a character in Devil Beater based on drager980.


Ninja Brando wears the Hip Hop Ninja mask and the Dark Avenger's Crown. He also wears the agni uniform.


Button Description Damage Cooldown
Left Click Throws ninja stars. Throws a max of 12 ninja-stars ?? ??
E Creates a smoke bomb, bursting the character into the air and leaving behind a dummy to soak up the impact. None ??
R Refreshes all cooldowns. None ??
F After a short burst, increases the maximum number of ninja stars by 1. None ??

Enemy Moves

  • like above moveset.


  • Increase the starting number of ninja stars.
  • Increase the starting number of ninja stars further.
  • Increases movement speed.


Ninja Brando always obeys Major Brando's commands. They act as minions.


Major Brando

Major Brando is the leader of the Ninja Brandos.

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