The gamepass' icon

Mysterious Key
is a gamepass which costs 100 R$ to purchase.


Purchasing this gamepass enables you the access to secret lores, such as using Drakon Kyrane to the wood-shutten door, and Sig towards the door on the far north.

There's another trick command with this gamepass. Typing "Power Up!!!" will respawn as a deformed-style avatar (Bloxikin). Typing "Power Down!!!" will revert back to normal-sized avatar. Also, typing "Reset!!!" will reset the player without losing any lives.


"What does this do? I don't know, but it's pretty important."

Bugs and Glitches

  • There's a chance to increase head size after typing "Power Up!!!".
  • There's also another common bug where you will remain Bloxikin-sized even after typing "Power Down!!!".
  • There is a bug whenever you can't reset your avatar when "Reset!!!".
    • It can only possibly be temporary fixed when using the command(s) "Power Up!!!/ Down!!!" instead.

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