Mono Man

Mono Man is a tourney prize playable character, based off of Mdoggy15.


Mono Man wears a gray shirt with an 8-bit Wario from "Wario Land Super Mario Land 3", gray pants, mouse ears, a newspaper hat, and an 8-bit bandana to finish. Mono Man also has a Diamond-shaped head and the eXtreme face.


Name Description DPS Cooldown
???(LMB) Throws a randomly-sized black/white ball for medium damage. ??? ???
???(E) Summons a stationary ball that knocks back enemies. ??? ???
???(R) Buffs his team's Health, Damage and speed, while reducing his own. ??? ???
???(F) Summons various pillars around him that rise into the sky, sending those who touch it flying. ??? ???


  • Increases risk/reward factor for R.
  • Increases amount of pillars spawned for F.
  • Increases LMB Size randomization and LMB amount.


Does anyone really even care about the personality anymore? Whoever knows how this character acts, fill this in.


  • Someone
  • Work
  • On
  • This
  • Page.
  • This character's good, seriously, someone work on the friggin' page.

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