Minato Yuki is a character based off the user AsrielMemer.Can you also stop fucking leaking this fucktard character you cunts


Attacks Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB BANG BANG Fire a lightning fast homing bullet, does low damage 50 + (30 * F stacks)
E Super Bullet Fire a cube bullet in the direction your facing, Does low damage but creates a wall of lasting squares 50 + (30 * F stacks)
R Shouting Cry Restore a portion of Minato's health instantly, long cooldown 55 healing
F Self-Improvement Minato shoots himself in the head, halving your current health to permentntly increase speed and damage +30 damage and +2 walkspeed


Minato wears a slightly torn T-shirt and pants, as well as this he dons a pair of headphones and fiery horns as well as having deep blue hair


  • Increase Minato's maximum health
  • increase minato's 'Shouting cry' (R) heal.
  • Reduce Minato's 'Self-Improvement' (F) cooldown.Also increase self buff power.




  • A user by the name of Minethetekit helped AsrielMemer create Minato's moves.
  • The character is heavily based off of Minato Arisato, the protagonist in Persona 3. Ironically, in the game Persona 3, in order to summon your Persona to attack, the protagonist has to shoot themselves in the head with a gun called an Evoker. The Evoker does not actually hurt the protagonist, unlike Minato's F does in Devil Beater.
  • Minato's R, Shouting cry, is based off of Orpheus Telos' move,Victory Cry but instead of healing half of Minato's health, it only heals a small bit of his health.
  • Minato is usually known for turning from an exclusive to a secret and then being mass leaked.