Methunder is a playable character in Devil Beater. He was created by methunder and scripted by darkkyraki.


Methunder wears the Flames of ??? Suit. He also wears a Bronzepunk Top Hat and Sparky's Goggles. He has Andrew's Beard on his chin.

Methunder's weapon of choice is a bunch of hands that are based off of every element (with the exception of Isotope ) with Stratus in the center.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB get slapped

Methunder shoots out a projectile in front of him from one of his hands.

50 8 seconds
E Helping Hand Methunder makes 1 healing orb appear to go after other players. The orb will releases pulses which heals the player. 100 13 seconds
R Dont bring a gun to a fist fight

Methunder fires a large projectile which slows down, eventually exploding.

5 16 seconds
F Fists of Fury Methunder aligns all of his hands in front of him, to shoot a gigantic beam that lasts for 5 seconds. During this time, he will do DoT but will be slowed. 10 15 seconds


  • Methunder has gone through many redesigns. His weapon used to be every color of the rainbow along with 1 black and white hand
  • Methunder's weapon was originally going to be the final boss weapon for Methunder's game he's currently developing, Over Heaven.
  • Methunder is an administrator for many front-page games, or once front-page games.
  • He IS NOT based off of Gaster form Undertale but instead based off of Yenyatta from Overwatch being his heal,debuff and charge of hands methunder also has a special move that fully heals allies like zenyattas ult.