Method man is a Tourney Prize Character, based off the appearance of Kaboom680.


Adorned in everything a 2009'er could ever want, a golden crown, a black shirt that transitions to red at the bottom of his torso, red legs, black arms, and a yellow head, accompanied with an exploding sun t-shirt and a battleaxe.

Name Key Desc Damage Cooldown
??? LMB Strikes the nearest enemy with his axe. Applies DoT lifesteal for 10 seconds. ??? 1 second
??? E Changes his crown form, Red attacks enemies, Green heals allies, Yellow increases Method Man's speed and damage Yellow crown = +base damage +speed

Red crown = 50 dmg every second

Green Crown = 10 hp every second

1 second

(after crown change)

??? R Method Man throws his axe. Causes a 2s stun upon enemies hit. ??? ???
??? F Method Man fires balefire, with massive range and damage. Long cooldown. ??? ???


- Increase Method's king's Crown range.

- Increase Method's Movement Speed.

-Incrase Method's base damage.


  • Method Man is an Tournament Prize. This means he's only gainable via winning tourneys hosted by Hosts (i.e Ena_Sotelo),
  • Fiesta Keido shares the same axe as Method Man
  • You cannot get Method Man any other way than a Tournament, as it's against the rules for a host to randomly give Plague/Method man.

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