Mengo is an Intern based off of the user Madoraa.


Mengo wears a black t-shirt with a face of Pink Guy and a pair of Akatsuki-themed pants. He also wears a skeleton mask and a sombrero with a green-coloured text 'YOLO' on rear. He is also swag memester guy that is mexican and sells best tacos.




Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None "Does a forward slash for medium damage, sequentially gets stronger each swing.'" 199 (1st hit)

251 (2nd hit)

316 (3rd hit)

398 (4th hit)

E None "Send an enormous wave of bricks in one direction for medium damage but incredible range." Unknown Unknown
R None "Consumes energy for a potion, recovering Mengo to full health and being immune for one second. Long cooldown." Unknown Unknown
F Overpower! "Charging energy from within. Mengo raises his maximum health and attack very slightly. Long cooldown." Unknown Unknown


-Increase Mengo's maximum health.

-Decrease Mengo's 'Sunny D!' (R) cooldown.

-Decrease Mengo's 'Overpower!' (F) cooldown.