Memer Dreamer is a character that is based off of the user iiKingRobux and he is scripted by Darkkyraki.


Memer is a yellow big guy with a big head and the words "MEME JESUS" on his chest.

Around his 50'd version, Memer has a bigger, longer and uncut big head.


key Description damage Cooldown
LMB Fires a Big Head. 20 0.5 seconds
E Throws an Illuminati Triangle. 20 10 seconds
R Pulls out a sniper rifle and shoots the enemy. 20 3 seconds
F Summons up to 5 bigheads that attck the enemy. 100 a shot 0.3,and then ~4 for a cooldown.

50/50/50 moveset:

Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Fires a Biggerhead, now with homing! 20,still 0.4 seconds
E Attach Illuminatis to your biggerheads,doubling speed and damage. it buffs now ~4 seconds
R Spawns a mini-memer to shoot at the enemy! 30 a shot 0 seconds
F Spawn a MEGA Memer to do INSANE damage. 2250 a hit 15 seconds


  • Increase amount of minions.
  • Increase Health.
  • Increase damage.


  • Like one of the weakness states, some of his moves consists of dead memes. (I.e: Illuminati)
  • He was supposed to be replaced in shop with Dreamer of Memers,a character that is pretty much the COMPLETE opposite of Memer.(Dreamer might be added if the creator or another person wants to put him in go check him out if you want)
  • He was bought in by somebody other than the creator.
  • Memer has a unused 50/50/50 Icon. You can find it here.

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