Mayor Meganub is a secret character.


Mayor has a simple appearance, with yellow as skin colour, blue for tops and green for bottoms. He wears a tophat with a holly. His simplistic body colours resemble the classic roblox ''noob''.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None "The mayor swings his bat. Major knockback.'" 15 and heals 10 health (4 health per burning tick if the upgrade was purchased) Unknown
E None "Charges up the mayor's bat. The next swing blasts out three times the damage and knockback." 22 damage on hit Unknown
R None "Mayor Meganub dashes a small distance in the mouse direction. Short cooldown." N/A Unknown
F None "Halves Mayor Meganub's attack speed for 15 seconds. Long cooldown." N/A Unknown


  • Mayor used to be one of the most used characters in the game having the biggest life steal in the game, Altough the biggest knockback went to reggie. and his leap used to be 1 second and leaped Hugely more. His leap is a joke now and his life steal got nerfed hard due to the amount of leaks. Making him one of the most nerfed characters in the game.
  • With 50/50/50, Mayor gets massively increased health, and his knockback is absurdly high, knocking bosses (or players ;U) out of the stage for an instant kill.