Marcel Fwootman is a character based off of DeadDang. He was scripted by HellaAric and darkkyraki. Marcel was to originally appear as one of the main characters in the scrapped Empire Arc.


Marcel Fwootman has very pale grey skin and an oddly hex-shaped head. His face is adorned with a pair of Groucho Marx novelty glasses and he wears a dark blue wizard hat decorated with stars and crescents. In lieu of a business suit, Marcel wears a black peacoat over a white undershirt. His trousers are black and he wears a pair of white dress shoes.

Marcel Fwootman's servants, being botched clones of himself, bear the same pale skin tone and deformed head shape as their creator. Instead of peacoats, Marcel's servants are dressed in shredded undergarments of assorted color.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Swings his rolling pin for small damage. ??? ???
E Spawns a servant. ??? ???
R Hits his rolling pin on the ground. One hit represents attack mode, two represents defence. ??? ???
F Freezes himself in a ball of haze from his pin. Press F again to unfreeze. ??? ???


  • When jumping over his own minions he will be granted a huge boost of speed for a short time.


He was originally described as a man who feared virtually nothing, however the only exception was his real fear of Jin Chi Minh.

However the arc is scrapped so there's that one.


  • Rufu Ray - Former co-worker of Marcel in the Empire, later co-founder of the Pocket Dimension after the Empire's disbandment.


  • Despite the Empire Arc's Official cancelling, Marcel made it in as darkkyraki felt like the game wouldn't be complete with just Rufu Ray.
  • Marcel Fwootman's moveset has gone through various revisions over time, with his F move originally being a tarot card attack that summoned the ghost of former Empire Arc final boss Test Fwootman to brutalize enemies.
  • Technically, he is the first character to introduce the idea of spawning minions, as he was thought up before Kevin Orlando and El Grumpo Lumpo. However, due to complications, he was finished after those two characters were finished.