Mahiyain Ze Nikard is a character created by EvilJacobthehero2013's younger sister. (Good luck figuring out who she is -EvilJacobthehero2013)


Mahiyain appears as a very young adolescent. She wears a dark armor from a strange person from a different universe, with darkish-blue hair in a ponytail and a bit of brown on part of her hair. She dons a socialite hat (that was suppose to have razor sharp edges) with a white and yellow katana on her back.


Keys Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Slashes forward, dealing medium damage and firing a light orb for additional damage Unknown Unknown
E Grabbing her hat, Mahiyain throws her hat forward like a razor to deal damage to all enemies hut during its travel. Unknown Unknown
R Creates a barrier around mahiyain, blocking certain attacks from creating a direct hit, then Mahiyain counters with a strong slash for massive damage Unknown Unknown
F Releasing massive amounts of energy, Mahiyain transforms temporarily into her older form, allowing her to become extremely mobile during this period. Unknown Unknown




Jacob Ze Drakin

Neither Jacob or Mahiyain have made an appearance within the story yet, but it was confirmed by their creator that Jacob is the brother of Mahiyain. How they will interact with the cast and eachother is unknown.


  • Mahiyain also has different appearances within the story, but it goes with time, from Pre-Present, to Present, to Future Form.
  • Mahiyain is actually the fourth character bought into the game by someone other than the creator themselves.
  • In Devil Brawler, Mahiyain's Left Click On her F does no damage.
  • Mahiyain is actually translated to "Shy" in Filipino, this might be a hint of her personality.
  • Mahiyain's last name "Nikard" is Jacob's last name backward, aka "Drakin", this might represents how they're from opposite families.