Lover Solies is a character based off the user LOVERTOPICHUOK


Lover appears to be an adolescent male. He has brown hair swept a bit to the side and he wears a hat with goggles on it. He wears the Narukami suit and dons a blue scarf over it.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Spawns a turret infront of Lover Solies, Fires at enemies for medium damage. 80 0.5 (10 seconds per turret death)
E Spawns a green healing turretm Fires at allies, Restoring small portions of health. 8 (healing) 60 seconds
R Create a barrier around the mouse location. Soaks up some damage in that area. (BUGGED IN PVE) 30 seconds
F Spawns all turrets around Lover Solies in a circle as a last resort defence 80 (per turret) 5 seconds


Unknown as of now.


Unknown as of now.

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