Logan Blaze is a secret character. He is based off the player loganblaze02.


Logan is a teenager with a skeleton ski mask who may or may not be a literal skeleton. He wears a black and white tuxedo, that has reversed colours on each end. He wears an orange builder hat with two jesters, one with plain black color, and checkered on the other.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Logan throws a dagger in the air, which teleports 30 studs in the direction. Enemies hit take high damage. 20 Unknown
E Logan throws a dagger in the air, then dropping it down infront of him at 3x size and damage. 25 Unknown
R Logan throws a dagger backwards, teleporting infront of Logan moving the opposite direction after a period of time. 30 Unknown
F Logan releases a wave, and then starts bombarding with daggers which heals allies hit and himself. N/A Unknown


Logan is shown to be hesitant, shy, awkward and confused. Sometimes, Logan will forget an answer after he asks a question. He often uses the ";-;" emoji.


Maurice Altara

After Maurice defeated Logan, he says "FROMAGE FROMAGE FROMAGE >:U" in which "Fromage" actually means cheese. Logan seem to clearly understand the actual translation and replies with "Cheese huh..?.". asks if he can join Maurice. Where those two went after Act 33 is currently unknown