Lobby is a starting place where you can spectate, train, and entertain yourself like any other lobbies. It is a place where you wait for the next act if you out of lives, and test out characters using the Dummy there.


There were currently four versions of lobby made in the game.

Version Changelog Image
  • Intial lobby release.
  • No any items or objects in lobby.
  • Thumbnail and control key guide on walls.
  • Extended room on 4 ways.
    • Added Ball "Pit"
    • Added couches on nearby spawns.
      • Added a colour-changing cat.
  • Massive extended room.
  • Act spawn updated.
  • Added an extra floor.
  • Added Training Dummies.
  • Added four NPCs. (Two on each floor)
  • Removed colour-changing cat.
  • Removed control key guide.
DB Lobby
  • Massive overhaul revamped lobby.
  • Added more lag.
  • Act spawn updated.
    • Added all seven + white-black neon bricks around the spawn.
  • Added portraits.
    • Added six Dimensionia members (excluding Xenon Karambit and Mack Nyte portraits.
    • Added Drager portrait.
    • Added the first trio, Dane Gang members portraits.
  • Added Devil Brawler thumbnail.
  • Moved ball pit into smaller room.
    • Added one ball with :U face.
  • Added more Dummies. (4 each floor)
  • Moved NPCs to one lounge.
  • Added 2 storage rooms (???).
  • More easter eggs.
DB Lobby V4

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