Lewis is a playable character.


Lewis wears a heavy armor with blue and yellow adorns. He dons a samurai-like helmet with a large, blue pearl in the middle. He also has a red scar on his left cheek.


key decription Damage Cooldowns
LMB "Stop in place, then lunge slash. Does medium damage. PASSIVE BONUS: 25% Knockback resistance. 250 ???
E Stop in place. And release an extremely but powerful but deadly closely range blast. Stuns for 5 second impact. 250 ???
R Creating a moving shield. Follows the cursor slowly, absorbing some enemy attacks. 300 (HP) ???
F Momentarily casts your sword into the air to land an infinite shockwave. Giving nearby allies armor and recovering health. Move is cancelled by pressing F again. 50 per shockwave ???


Not much is known from Lewis but he is highly loyal to the Cartel, stealing the sword from Keith and adamantly stating that it was not Keith's sword (much to his nostalgic anger), but rather "belongs to the Cartel".

Attacks (Enemy)

Lewis' sword was actually stolen from Keith, he uses all the attacks as he does in his moveset, with the exception of summoning a large black energy ball for high knockback and small damage. As well as over healing due to his F attack. he does NOT absorb damage with his F attack, instead he gains 1,050 hp for each time he pulses yellow




  • Increases Lewis' maximum health and armor. Armor gain is 1/250th of health.
  • Increase Lewis' base damage
  • Increase Lewis' lifesteal (from 0) a minor amount


  • As of April 29th, 2017, Lewis can be safely deemed very difficult to beat unless using low cooldown characters such as Rhinechi or Estrada Page.
  • All chars with lower than 200(?) Damage per attack do not damage him, at all