Lain is a limited character for devil beater.


Lain wears a black beanie over his brown hair and wearing an aether gakuran.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Lain stabs forward with her knife, if it hits an enemy the knife will slightly grow. 220 ???
E Dash backwards, then forwards after pressing again. ??? ???
R Sends a line of hands towards the mouse's direction, stunning any enemys for a short time. ??? ???
F fires dozens of large projectiles that follow Lain for a short amount of time. ??? ???


  • Is one of Akira's classmates.


-Increase speed and Hand (R) size.

-Increases knife growth cap and amount of hands spawned by R.

-Increase rate of knife growing.




  • Akira once caught Lain eating beans in a movie theatre. (This was confirmed by dark himself.)
  • According to darkkyraki, Lain and Akira's creator, The reason Akira is in the background of Lain's icon is because it's an image of when Lain just recently killed Akira, as Lain was incredibly jealous of Akira's powers.
  • Lain is Emiya from the past.