L.M. Ental is a character Made by Etaleo_Callidum, and scripted by darkkyraki. His book was modeled by Scroobius and had a few minor changes from darkkyraki




Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Fires a fast-moving fireball. Causes burn damage. 165 (16 linger) ???
E Fires a slow moving ball of ice, which spawns 4 projectiles every 0.5 seconds. 165 per block ???
R Summons a stationary Lightning Orb, shooting enemies with beams, once the beam hits the enemy or the ground, it will unleash a thunderbolt from the sky. 100 per strike ???
F Summons a dragon to attack a certain spot. 82 ???




  • Dcrease LMB cooldooldowns
  • Increase speed
  • Increase damage


  • L.M. Ental's E move's cube have infinite range, this cause insane lag and even server crashes.


  • He was planned to replace Etaleo Callidum Kinda like lisuke. But that did not happen due to the community not wanting it to happen.
  • L. M. Ental's name is a pun off of the word "elemental." This is shown by the pronounciation being ell-ee-mental.
  • L.M Ental is a joke character being based entirely off of the Lunatic Cultist fight in Terraria.
  • According to Etaleo's headcanon, L.M tends to shock members of Xeiron, making their equipment malfunction and forcing them to spend more money on new equipment.

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