Kyrio Natsuma is a character scripted by Darkkyraki and its creator, EnderNinjaPro908


Kyrio has a Neon Bombastic Animal Hoodie and A Snake Eyes also Auburen Wild Scene Hair and a Happy Face He has a Bombastic-Like suit instead of the regular Devil Beater Suits


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Swings his pike forward.
E Spins around for high damage. Requires 25 Energy
R Raise your pike into the air, and slam it down, causing AOE. 50 Energy
F Ditches his Pike, allowing him to use his fists. Costs 250 energy




  • Increase HP.
  • Increase DMG.
  • Reduce cooldowns greatly..


  • Kyrio was originally part of a fan-made group made by AlexiosZ called the Vrahli Division, he was the Non-Elemental spot for the team originally. Currently the creator has not contacted AlexiosZ in the slightest.

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