Kiseki Kaboko is a playable character and was introduced as part of the Empire Arc event. He is based off the user kaboom680 and scripted by the user HellaAric.


Kiseki Kaboko has bright yellow skin and wears a blue suit with black arms and legs. He wears the Ice Skull of Nevermoor on his head, obscuring some of his face. On the tops and bottoms of his body parts are old ROBLOX studs and inlets. A "Bu" symbol adorns his chest in reference to the "Butcher" class from Kiseki CTF, an old ROBLOX game. His weapon of choice is a gigantic chainsaw with a red motor.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Kiseki revs up his chainsaw, doing high DPS to anyone caught in its teeth. Unknown Unknown
E None Spin around wildly, hitting enemies in a wide circle with your chainsaw. Unknown Unknown
R None Kiseki activates his jump-jets and flies up, then forward. None Unknown
F None Throw a meat hook to pull yourself towards whatever the hook hits. None Unknown






  • Kiseki Kaboko's appearance and skills contain many references to the classic 2008 ROBLOX game Kiseki CTF and its "Butcher" character class:
    • Kiseki's first name is taken from Kiseki CTF. Kiseki means "Miracles" in Japanese.
    • Kiseki and the "Butcher" class wield a chainsaw as their primary armament. Both characters can perform a spin attack with their chainsaw, and both characters use jetboots for transportation (all Kiseki classes spawned with jetboots by default). Both can throw a meat hook, but Kiseki's meat hook pulls himself towards the enemy while the Butcher's meat hook pulls the enemy towards himself.
    • Kiseki's black and blue suit is meant to imitate the colored "suits" that you spawned with in old team-based ROBLOX games like Kiseki CTF, which had two teams: red and blue. His yellow skin is also meant to imitate how most classic Robloxians looked--yellow skin in homage to the LEGO Minifigure.
  • The noise played upon Kiseki Kaboko's activation (Q) is a sound effect used in the game LISA: The Painful and its sequel, LISA: The Joyful. The noise's most famous appearance is in Joyful, where a boss known as Big Lincoln emits it when he does his signature "Big Lincoln sends you to hell!" attack.