Kewetres Frezon is a sky island character made by KiwisFromTrees scripted by Drager980


From his info box, he looks like a giant, but when you fight him on sky island he is normal size. He wears a traffic cone, normal hair and has an •3• face.


Key Name Official Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Unknown Fires a crystal in the mouse direction. Crystals will follow the nearest enemy and fire low damage missiles at them. Unknown 15 seconds
E Unknown Kewetres creates an ice sword in front of him, which quickly begins a sweep for medium damage. Unknown 15 seconds
R Unknown Kewetres drops an icicle from the sky. Dealing high damage to enemies hit. Unknown 5 seconds
F Blizzard Kewetres expends all of his energy to grow massive for a few seconds, increasing the size of his health and attacks AND allowing him to slam with his R. Unknown 8 seconds (after returning to normal size)




  • Increase Kewetres' base damage
  • Increase Kewetres' crystal duration
  • Increase Kewetres' "BLIZZARD" (F) size and duration


  • Kewetres' dialogue is based off of an inside joke between Drager, Avaxus and SirVenon. "Out of the way MANLETS!"#