Karthus Gehrman is a bonus character. He was made by the user CorruptedHatter Instead of him having one move set, he has two.


Karthus has a gray-ish skin color and dons a Dark Purple suit representing his element. He wears a Hallow's Eve Top Hat and Midnight Shades, around his neck is a Purple Winter Scarf.


Key Function Damage Cooldown
Sword of Cinder Claws
Q Switches between his Soul of Cinder and Claws N/A Unknown
LMB Hits with his Soul of Cinder/Slashes with his claws Unknown 4 seconds (Sword)

1 second (Claws)

E Karthus punches in front of him with an explosion for high damage. Karthus pounces with his claws for medium damage. Unknown Unknown
R Karthus begins to raise his sword and smashes down for high damage. Karthus creates a Haze bubble around him, healing him when allies touch it while giving him a massive damage buff for a few seconds. Unknown Unknown
F Karthus temporarily greatly boosts his damage Karthus jumps into the air, then comes back down, releasing a yellow AoE around him. Unknown Unknown



Avaxus himself said that Karthus and Avaxus both hate each other in the story. We have yet to know why, though! Avaxus's lines show that he is chasing down someone with a large sword whose name starts with "K," implying that he may be hunting Karthus.


He's one of Rinzaru's champions. (Non Canon)


  • Karthus, along with Jacob Ze Drakin, Avaxus, and Lucifer Caliber has two forms.
  • Karthus' last name is a reference to the character Gehrman from the game, Bloodborne.
  • Karthus has the shortest cooldowns than any other character.
  • His Sword form moveset is based off on the, Dark Souls series.
  • His E move is based off on the Stand, Killer Queen from the show JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable.