Julius Rengaria is an upcoming character for Devil Beater, Based off of Saprasam. Ok dark now the question after dan comes his long lost unattended friend, hopefully comming soon.


Julius has Crimson Shaggy Hair. He wears a Snowman's Top Hat and dons a light purple suit which most Stratus users wear.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Highway To Hell If Julius dies, the enemy who killed them will become marked with “Highway to Hell”. All teammates who damage the enemy will take 10% more damage. It will indicate when Highway to Hell activates from 4 fan-like poles coming out of the enemy’s neck. There’s a 1/10 chance of this passive to activate None. Passive Effecto None, Passive Effecto.
LMB Allahu Akbar. Julius produces heat to the point that he explodes of stratus energy around him. Enemies caught in the explosion get knocked back and damaged. It takes 2 seconds to charge. ??? ???
E Stick it way up your ass. Julius Will Punch the ground, Causing Geysers Of Stratus to come out of the cracks in front of him, Dealing Medium damage. The clouds chase after the nearest enemy. Other clouds will go to heal players from above. ??? ???
R The edgiest edge in the hedge. Julius reaches his arms forward to grab an enemy. If he grabs the enemy, he will become invincible for a short time until the ability finishes. He will rip out the shadow of his enemy with stratus energy, and drains the life out of the enemy. This ability heals him majorly. If he does not manage to grab an enemy, he will look at his hands back to back in confusion, only to facepalm himself afterwards. This makes him walk slower by 6 walkspeed. ??? ???
F Am I just going to stand here or... Julius does a random JoJo pose out of nowhere with the “Menacing” particles flying around him. The pose makes a ring surround Julius, which deals damage to enemies who touches it, and knocking them back. Allies inside the ring will get a shield made of Flux energy for a short time while slowly being healed. However, the pose makes Julius immobile and cannot move nor’ attack. ??? ???
Z Kurt Cobain's Microphone. Literally makes him grab a shotgun from his hat and shoots himself. There’s no real purpose to this ability aside from the fact that he kills himself. HOWEVER, doing this will have a chance of activating Highway to Hell. infinity damage 0


Increase The Chance Of Passive Activating SLIGHTLY

Increase The percentage of how much Julius’ R Heals

Increase Total Left Click Count.


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  • Saprasm hates DB because he knew the truth all this time (it's such a bad game holy shit)