Julius Rengaria is a character for Devil Beater, Based off of Saprasam.


Julius has Crimson Shaggy Hair. He wears a Snowman's Top Hat and dons a light purple suit which most Stratus users wear.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Allahu Akbar. DIABLO: Throws a knife with two hits, main, and one DoT hit. Each does 86 lifesteal and 100 damage.

WINCHESTER: Strums a note for 100 damage.

METHOD MAN: Swing your axe. 200 damage, 2 lifesteal.

D: 100, then 25

W: 100

MM: 200

D: ~1s

W: 0.75s

MM: 1s

E No feel, True emotion. Change your presona in the order specified:

Diablo (Starter)


Method man

PASSIVE of E: Every time you do a full cycle, you get +500 health. Very OP.

None. ~5s
R The edgiest edge in the hedge. DIABLO: Throws a sword that turns into 4 more swords after one second.

WINCHESTER: Deals out 11 pulses, with the 11th being a huge one.

METHOD MAN: Deals out about 10 red AoE's of balefire going to cursor.

D: ???

W: ???

MM: ???

D: ~10s

W: 20s (after it's done)

MM: 100 per red AoE.

F Am I just going to stand here or... DIABLO: Throw 4 waves of 4-5 swords, each dealing 100 damage. Very powerful.

WINCHESTER: Throw a wave that follows mouse cursor's last location when used. I can't explain it.

METHOD MAN: Make a crown around you to protect yourself. ??? dmg.

??? D: ???

W: ~20s (after done)

MM: ???


Increase health.

Increase health yet again.

Increases health for the last time.


  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Saprasm hates DB because he knew the truth all this time (it's such a bad game holy shit)
  • the fuck happened to the second idea of julius :fuckmeup:
  • julius is fucking god no matter what