John Doe is a guest character.


John has a simple design, having light blue for both legs and yellow for torso. He also wears a cape with himself on the decal.


Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB None nothing hes too good to have a LMB None 0.5 seconds
E None use your hacking powers to ram into the enemy ~2 billion+ heal

~2 billion+ damage

3 seconds
R None heal the boss for t3h epik l0lZ 10 HP heal to bosses 0 seconds
F None using your epic hacking powers, kill all enemies!!! God Only Knows (~200 billion+) 10 seconds


  • John Doe was added on March 18, due to the "scam event" where a hacker whom'st has access to John Doe's account threatens the community and "hacks all accounts" on the said date.
  • His F damage is actually based on a 50/50/50 version, as it is based around how much upgrade points he has.
  • As of 04/01/17, John Doe was removed alongside many other characters.
  • I saw an user using him, so I can safely say that this moveset is wrong.